Self-employed and Contractor Mortgages

Self-employed and Contractor Mortgages

A minimum 1 years proof of income will be required for the self-employed. If you have been told you cannot get a mortgage because you do not have 2 or 3 years income proof please contact us today as this is not the case for all lenders!

Some self-employed income can be more complex and come from multiple sources including the consideration for using retained profit, there are still many lenders who will assess your case manually rather than a computer-generated response, we will discuss your income in detail in order to present this to the lender.

A contractor mortgage can be different from a lenders perspective in terms of how they will assess your income and affordability.

With this being more common especially in IT, Construction, Engineering and Telecoms as a few examples, it is important to speak with us to make sure we can look at the best available options for you.

CIS workers are often also assessed on a self-employed basis.

For some lenders if they cannot tick their boxes and do not understand your income it can be difficult to agree your mortgage and that’s where we can help!

Contact us today on 01202 880718 to see how we can help you.

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