Adverse Credit Mortgages

Adverse Credit Mortgages

Lenders criteria can vary and some may be fairly strict with the credit profiles they will consider but this will not always prevent you from getting a mortgage. We understand where mainstream lenders will consider blips on your credit file and where we may need to use more specialist lenders.

Dependent on the credit issues you have which can include Arrears, Bankruptcy, CCJ’s, Defaults, Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA), Pay Day Loans and Repossession will determine the lenders we can consider.

If you have been told you can not get a mortgage it may be the broker does not have a good understanding of the lenders available in this specialist area, it is therefore important to speak to a specialist broker such as Mortgages by James.

We will take time to understand your circumstances, use our experience, direct contact with lenders and knowledge of lenders who will use a human approach rather than ‘computer says no’ to find a lender who will consider your application.

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